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Rainy Day In San Diego

A Change Of Pace

I love the rain. Loooove it. But because it’s such a rare thing here in Southern California, I’m always tempted to just stay inside with my dogs and bury myself under all the blankets I can find. I mean, look at how cute Rex is! I usually spend rainy days on the couch binge-watching Netflix with him.
But not today. My dear friend Charmaine is moving to Portland in a few days, and so of course I was willing to brave the weather in order to have one final hangout.

We met up at Food For Thoughts Cafe in Grant Hill. The drive there from my home in East County was a bit of a nightmare in the rain; I saw several tree branches fall right into the street due to the heavy wind. But once I got there, it was worth the risky ride! It was such an adorable little cafe!

Charmaine and I met in our very first college photography class. We managed to have at least one class together every semester for the first 3 years of Junior College (if someone tells you that community college is a 2-year thing, they’re dead wrong). Eventually, we also started working together, so naturally she and I became pretty close. We’ve shared a lot of life experiences with each other, and its been really sweet to watch each other grow over the years both as women and as photographers.

Charmaine is relocating to Portland to help start a church plant. She will have her pastor, her mentor, her best friend, and her boyfriend with her, so I’m not too worried about her! But I am extremely excited to see her life unfold! Of course parting with friends is always painful, but as a self-proclaimed adventurer, nothing brings me more joy than to see my friends chasing their dreams and beginning their own adventures.

If you would like to keep up with Charmaine’s new life in Portland, you can check out her blog